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Privily by is a generative AI based tool that can identify, highlight and encrypt any personal or sensitive information in Gmail. 


Many of us unknowingly put personal or sensitive information (like mobile number, email, Social security number, etc.) in Gmail or any other document and accidently expose that information to wrong people. Privily protects us from all such incidents. 


To use Privily by simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once you have installed it, you need to create your credentials once on our platform. You can watch a detailed video here.

Post that you can use this tool any number of times free of cost. We do not store any of your personal data at our end. All the data is stored temporarily in the cache and removed on a real-time basis. You can use it to encrypt sensitive information that you type into the compose window of Gmail. This can help you protect your personal information and keep your emails private, even if they are intercepted by hackers or other unauthorized users.

A company can use this tool to identify any policy violations & control . For example, if your company does not want to share customer’s sensitive information in any email communications as per their employee policy. 

Using this tool, company can ensure the every violation, the extension will also highlight the policy that is getting violated along with the link of that policy.

Awarded Winner on Cyber Security as the Fastest growing startup in North America
(10-49 employee category)

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