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Our values are our operating principles.

Our core value is to solve customer’s problems in data privacy & security in a simple and implementable way.

 To do that, we’re building a long-lasting company where our team can do their best work. Building that enduring company together necessitates articulating how we make decisions and work together. We call these our principles.

Our Defining Principles

Priority to Customer’s problems

For us, everything starts with customers' problems. We do not bind ourselves to one framework, tool, or vendor. We try to provide integration with all existing tools & ecosystems.

Mutual Respect

Mutual trust & respect is in our foundation.  We do not believe in one magical person dictating rules for everything. Whether you are an intern in our team or the company CEO, you can raise questions and seek answers.


We believe that a diverse team makes a better decision than a lopsided team. So we hire people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, colour, and beliefs, and we feel pride in doing that.

Remote first

We trust our employees, partners, and customers. So, whether we meet in person or deliver it remotely, our services & commitment remain the same.

Simple & Implementable

We exist to make simple solutions that can be executed for customers. Our solutions are not simply repeating statements from regulations. We aim to build relevant solutions economically.

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