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Pramod Misra

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Meet Pramod Misra, a machine learning expert with extensive experience in credit scoring, 360-degree customer view, cross-sell and upsell. 

He is well-versed in data science, NLP, kernel modeling, Python, SQL, and data engineering using Spark and AWS ML Deployment. 
With a strong background in data project management, including data curation, governance, quality, and sourcing, Pramod is a valuable asset in any team. 

He also has expertise in data visualization using quick-sight, Power BI, Qlik, and other open-source tools. He has notable experience in data flow diagrams, data lineage, data dictionary and data catalog in the domains of Pharma, Financial Services and Telecom.

Neha Tiwari Image

Neha Tiwari

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Meet Neha Tiwari, a certified privacy and project management professional with a passion for providing solutions to enterprises on data privacy and protection. 

As a privacy professional, she helps organizations comply with GDPR and other geographical privacy regulations, utilizing her expertise with OneTrust applications. 

Neha also volunteers as AVP Outreach at PMI Mumbai chapter, managing the Outreach and GROW initiatives. 

Through Outreach, the goal is to provide corporate assistance in project management training. The GROW initiative aims to prepare college students and freshers across India for the industry.

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