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Products & Pricing

Building Zapier
for healthcare Documents is a generative AI-based cognition service that can identify any critical information in any unstructured document and make it computable.

Trial & Pricing
Our pricing depends on the number of documents per month and starts from 499 USD per month.

999 USD/Month

  • Monthly subscription of 999 USD 

  • Creating summary of healthcare records/clinical notes and customisable for specific users ( different dashboard for different specialities, Nurses and administrators

  • Monthly limit of 1000 unique records extraction, summarisation and automation

  • Customisable for up-to 3 Persons for every practice


1499 USD/Month

  • Monthly subscription of 1499 USD

  • Can autofill 2000 forms every month from any set of input documents

  • Prefill any PDF or other forms from a long record ( discharge summary, referral summary,narrative clinical notes,medical/insurance forms)

  • Customisable for up-to 5 Persons for every practice


2999 USD/Month

  • Monthly subscription of 2999 USD

  • Can handle up-to 5000 contracts every month for data extraction

  • Can create any number of rules/form fill from these contracts or input the data into another application through our APIs

  • Any document type ( Scanned PDFs, Images, any document format)

  • Customisable for up-to 10 Persons for every practice


For any further customisation, contact us at


Why Unifi.Ai?

Automated Workflows

Eliminate manual document handling with our powerful automation tools. integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, reducing administrative burden and increasing productivity.

Enhanced Security

Our robust security protocols protect sensitive patient information. ensures that all documents are encrypted and stored securely, complying with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Improved Accuracy

Minimize errors and enhance data integrity with automated data entry and document processing. Our intelligent system ensures that information is captured accurately every time.

Customizable Integrations

Connect with your favorite apps and systems. Whether it's EHRs, billing software, or other healthcare applications, our platform supports various integrations to fit your unique needs.


From Our Clients

Dr. Smith (Physician)

"As a physician, my priority is patient care, not administrative duties. The UnifiEMR tool has significantly optimized our EMR (Electronic Medical Records) management. It effectively distills complex patient histories and treatment protocols into concise summaries, saving us valuable time during patient rounds. This ensures accuracy in our clinical decision-making by highlighting pertinent information like contraindications and previous interventions. We now use it every day in our practice, feeling more efficient and productive."

Adam Neuman (Admin)

"Efficiency and accuracy in documentation are crucial in healthcare administration. The UnifiEMR tool has helped us manage patient records. Automating the extraction and condensation of complex clinical data significantly reduces the time spent on manual data entry and record keeping. This tool supports our compliance with healthcare regulations and improves our billing processes by ensuring that all necessary documentation is accurate and complete."

Mrs. Taylor (Nurse)

"Managing patient care effectively requires swift access to accurate and updated health records. UnifiAutofill is a relief for us, especially during hectic shifts. It quickly extracts essential data such as medication dosages, treatment responses, and nursing observations, integrating them into comprehensive summaries. This expedites our charting processes and enhances our ability to monitor patient progress and administer timely care."

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