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Business Contract

Simplifying business contracts for non lawyers

Contract Analytics & Dashboards

Analyzing and tracking contracts are one of painful tasks for any business team .

We simplify contract understanding for non legal professionals by highlighting key terms in simple languauge, associated risks and a follow up dashboard ,so that you do not lose a  penny due to that.

we have built it using generative AI models ,GPT APIs and open source LLMs. Try out our product by clicking on the below link

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data privacy and security

your contracts

Upload any kind of contract and find out all the important elements of the contract quickly. Not only that, you can setup a reminder for due dates etc

data privacy vs data security

Identifying Key terms

Our AI tool identifies all important terms in the contract that you need to follow as a user. 

risk assessment

Ask me Anything

Our platform is designed with the capability of ask me anything about the contract. So once you have uploaded the contract and refreshed it, you can ask any question related with contract and get answer from our AI assistant

Five most common problems in contract management are

  1. Invisibility

  2. Contract numbers

  3. Legal hang time

  4. Contract data extraction

  5. Obligations compliance

data compliance law

Analyze and track your contracts in minutes

Our generative AI based platform identifies all important elements, set alerts and provides tracking for all critical elements in the contract

Key terms for every kind of contract

No data storage at our end

No need to wait for days to understand one term in the contract

Data Security Image

Your data is in safe hands.

We do not collect or store any information on our end. So all your information is only available and visible to you.


None of our partners/vendors/employees can access your information. 

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